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word matching

1. to gang up on someone
to beat someone up, to assault in a group, to push someone, to mock
2. tough
strict, easy interactive , hard, fragile
3. english to threaten
to menace, to run away, to escape, to insult
4. name-calling
to insult someone, to tease, to gossip, to flee
5. slurs
swear-words, violent acts, encouragment, bad behaviours
6. to withdraw
to escape, to stay reserved, afraid of sharing your emotions, to be open-minded, to beat someone up
7. to gossip
to kick someone, to run away, to insult someone, to spread rumours
8. to tease
to push someone, to ridicule someone, to annoy someone playfully, to feel ignored
9. to feel left out
to feel ignored / rejected, to ruin learning , to stay on your own, to attack someone
10. to beat someone up
to hurt someone, to hit someone repeatedly, to insult someone, to tease somone
11. to damage a reputation
to encourage someone, to lie about someone, to ruin someone%27s reputation, to be nice to someone
12. to reach out
to flee, to go to the police, to look for some help, to run away
13. it%27s rampant
it%27s alarming web tool , it is a vicious circle, it%27s widespread, everywhere, it is hurtful
14. to involve
to excuse, to imply / to cause, to hurt, to go to justice
15. to take something for granted
as a false information, to take things with precaution, like something which is natural, to find something unfair
16. guidelines
instructions, rules, hurtful activities, false information, medical help
17. a survey
a study, a help center, a program, a charity
18. interactive learning to deal with a problem
to be able to face someone/ confront it, to avoid the problem, to arrange things, to talk about a problem
19. a topical issue
a problem non very common, an abnormal problem, a regular problem in the news, a minor problem
20. charity
a governmental organization, a care center, a non governmental organization, a religious help-center
21. the laughing stock
a good friend, a good joke, something which is not amusing, someone who is the butt/ victim of all jokes
22. a scapegoat
the ideal friend, someone very smart, the ideal victim, an animal from the LFB
23. contemptuous
disdainful, cautious, friendly, neutral