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Sales Tax/ Total Purchase Price

Read each question CAREFULLY and determine the sales tax OR the total purchase price. Use 6.75%25 for the sales tax rate in all problems.

1. Joe spent $23.00 on a video game. Find the sales tax he will pay.
$1.55, $2.00, $24.55, $15.50
2. Find the sales tax on an item that costs $55.00.
$37.10, $3.00, $58.71, $3.71
3. ESL Cody bought a special edition set of Star Wars movies that cost $108.00. How much was the sales tax?
$10.80, $7.29, $115.29, $.73
4. generate answer keys Find the sales tax on a lawn mower that sells for $765.00.
$51.64 web tool , $5.16, $816.64, $516.40
5. Jennifer bought her boyfriend a new cell phone case for his birthday. The case sold for $21.00. How much was the total price of the phone case with tax included?
$21.00, $1.42, $35.20, $22.42
6. D%27Angelo bought lunch at McDonalds. His lunch cost $10.00 without the tax. What was the total cost of D%27Angelo%27s lunch?
$10.68, $.68, $16.80, $10.00
7. Ms. C saw a TV on sale at Best Buy. The price of the TV was $755.00. What will be the total cost of the TV if Ms. C decides to buy it?
$755.00, $50.96, $1264.60, $805.96