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Chapter 57-58

1. Why does Mr. Collins write the letter to Mr. Bennet?
Elizabeth is upset because she was turned down by Mr. Darcy., Elizabeth is upset because Lady Catherine de Bourgh traveled specificlly break up her and Mr. Darcy., Elizabeth is upset because Lydia ran away again., Elizabeth is upset because the weather is gloomy.,
2. What does Mr. Bingley do in response to Mr. Collins%27s letter and Lady Catherine%27s visit?
Disappointed, No Response, Delightful, Disgraceful,
3. Has Mr. Darcy affected the relationship between Mr. Bingley and Jane at all? If so how?
He takes Mr. Darcy to Longbourn where they meet the Bennet family., He ignores everything that Lady Catherine says and kicks her out of his home., He agrees to everything that Lady Catherine says and promises to never marry someone of a lower class., He makes a permanent move to Scotland. ,
4. Towards the end of their walk, Elizabeth brings up the affair between Mr. Bingley and Elizabeth. Mr. Darcy comments that their relationship is...
Framed the letter to keep it forever., Destroyed the letter., Never read the letter., Read the letter to her entire family.,
5. What does Mr. Collins%27s letter to the Bennet family serve to warn against?
A mistake., Non-existant., Distasteful. test , Delightful.,
6. How has Mr. Darcy changed based on Chapter 58?
To inform Mr. Bennet of the newest ball that will be held in town., To tell Mr. Bennet that he will be claiming Longbourn before Mr. Bennet passes away., To sell Mr. Bennet the newest carriage., To inform Mr. Bennet that Lady Catherine does not look upon his daughters relationship with a friendly eye.,
7. On their walk around Longbourn, Mr. Darcy brings up the letter he wrote to Elizabeth. Mr. Darcy had hoped that Elizabeth had done what with the letter?
He has become less selfish and is more aware of others., He has stayed selfish but has started to notice those around him a little more. educational activities , He has become more anti-social and has locked himself away from the world., He has become over accepting seemingly overnight.,
8. How did Lady Catherine descrbie the match of elizabeth and Mr. Darcy after Mr. Collins described the chance of marriage to be likely?
She wasn%27t present when Mr. Bennet recieved the letter., She has no feelings about the letter., She finds the letter funny., She feels hurt by the letter.,
9. How does Elizabeth feel when her Father reads Mr. Collins%27s letter out loud and makes comments on the letter?
No, Mr. Darcy has not affected their relationship., Yes, Mr. Darcy initially got them together., Yes, Mr. Darcy broke them up and has recently gotten them back together., Yes, Mr. Darcy broke them up and kept them seperate throughout the novel.,