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Foundation: A Review

Match the question with the correct answer. See The Keys Assignment: Watch the movie: The Karate Kid (original or newer version is fine). Be prepared to discuss the keys related to the idea of Mastery seen in the film.

If something is serious, we make the point that it is serious , not___ quiz generator , What is one thing that is important in learning from mistakes?, How do you know you have mastered an idea?, The Spirit of Allah means having what kind of attitude?, We never see Father (or Allah)_____. crossword maker , What is one name for the filter we selected for the house?, Name the filter that we are designing for under the sink., Two keys to showing respect are:, Perfection is a situation of particulars that____, What is the only thing that is magnetic?, What is something we can control?, Balancing support raiser and school shows______, What is the idea of why we are born at this time? create online activities , What is the name of the school we attend?, How many points are in the Spirit of Allah? quiz generator , Because there is a lesson in everything, take nothing as_____,

Spirit, you are able to manage your time or put order to your motion., The Whole House water filter., The attitude of being successful in everything you do., produces something flawless., The Reverse Osmosis water filter., We can control how we respond in a situation., being humble and responding intelligently, a downer., To assist in the ushering in of the Gods., It is important that we learn, not be fools, and move forward., There are 15 points., The Universe of Future Learning., laughing or joking. elearning , sad., When no one has to share that you missed something.,