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Phrasal verbs

Keep up with, Come Around to web tool , Give in , Catch On, Get at , Phrasal Verbs act as a verb, Sail through, Come round , Get on withweb page, Dawn On, Cross Out, Drop out class website , Set outstimulate your students , Think Over, Drop of, Deal with,

If sth dawns on you, you realise it for the first time , Leave a course , before you have finished it, Continue doing, De persuaded to change your mind, Stay at the same level as , Consider, Handle , cope with, Leave school , before you have finished a course, Stop making an effort to achieve sth difficult, Explain, describe or arrange sth in a clear or detailed way, Phrase that combines a verb with preposition or adverb or both, Be persuaded to change your mind ( about), Draw a line Through sth written, Do l sth or Deal with sth very easily, Understand, Try to express,