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Cellular Transport -Imani Williams- Period 5

Pair up the terms with the definition. There is no time limit, so you do not have to rush. If you would like, you can review the terms before palying the gmaes. Your choices are to play dominoes, finding pairs, or to link up terms and definitions. In dominoes, you have to match the end of one dominoe to the end of a different dominoe containing the term/definition. To find pairs, drag the term to the definition. In link up, drag the definition up and down the screen to match it with the correct term.

Cellular Transport, Hypertonic Solution, Transport protein, Fluid Mosaic Model, Cytolysis, Hypotonic Solution, Phospholipid Bilayer, Passive transport, Plasma Membrane, Selective permeability, Isotonic Solution, Endocytosis, Plasmolysis, Facilitated Diffusion, Diffusion, Osmosis, Active Transport, Turgor Pressure build your own quiz , Which part of the cell is selectively permeable?, Dynamic Equilibrium, Exocytosis,

P.Lipid molecules arranged w/polar heads facing in and nonpolar out , Movement of particles across the cell membrane, Moving particles along the concentration gradient, Moving particles against the concentration gradient quiz generator , Net movement of particles to an area of high to low concentratio, A solution with a lower concentration of solute. ESL , Cell swells due to hypotonic sloution., A solution w/the same amount of water %26 solute as inside the cell., When this is missing, the plant will start to wilt, Flexible boundary that controls what enters and exists the cell, P.Transport of ions %26 small molecules by transport protein, Diffusion of water across a selectivelypermeable membrane, A solution with a higher concentration of solute, Plasma membrane with components always in motion, Process by which large substances can enter a cell, Continous random movement of particles, Cell Membrane, Protein that move substances through plasma membrane, Process by which a cell expels wastes at the p.membrane, Cell shrinks due to a hypertonic solution, What allows the membrane to control what goes in and out,