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Conquer Mount Olympia with Superlatives

Choose the answer by clicking on it. There are 10 seconds for each question. If you fail 1 question, the game will stop immediately.

1. Which is the longest river in the world?
Amazon, Congo, Nile, Yangtze
2. Which is the hottest desert in the world?
Antarctica, Sahara, Atacama, Arabian
3. Which is the highest building in the world?
Petronas Twin Tower, One World Trade Center, Shanghai Tower, Burj Khalifa
4. Which is the fastest animal in the world?
horse, cheetah, lion, kangaroo
5. Which country has the largest population?
Indonesia, Russia, China, The United States
6. online activities Which country has the most lakes?
Canada, Russia, Ethiopia, India
7. Where is the world tallest waterfall?
South Africa, Canada, Norway, Venezuela
8. Which is the smallest city in the world?
Vatican City, Nauru, Monaco, San Marino
9. Which is the smallest planet?
Venus, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury