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Activity of part of the house

In this activity you must match the name of the different parts of the house with its definitions.

Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, Stairs, Office, Laundry room educational activities , Garage online , Yard, Basement, Attic, Dinning room, Garden, Lounge, Kitchen, Balcony , Porch,

A room for doing the familiar wash, an elevated platform on the outside wall of the house. test , a room to study or work., a room with a bed and intended primarily for sleeping, Part of the house that are the vehicles quiz , a room with cooking facilities, a ground part behind the house , a room with a shower, sink and toilet., a room in a used for a common social activities class web page , A series of steps for going from one level to another., a part of ground where usually are flowers interactive , entrance of the house., place to see tv or stay with friends., a room used for eating meals assess performance , the part of the house that is partly below the ground, a room or a space immediately below the roof,