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Mitosis 3

1. protein ball that DNA wraps around
histone, Gap 1, centromere, chromatin
2. loose combination of DNA and proteins
chromatin, telomere, metaphase, Synthesis
3. half of a duplicated chromosome
chromatid, telomere, anaphase, metaphase
4. holds together chromatids
centromere, telomere, histone, metaphase
5. at ends of DNA, protects it from damage
telomere, chromatid, chromatin, Gap 2
6. stage 1, chromatin condenses
prophase, chromosome, anaphase, chromatin
7. stage 2, chromosomes line up in middle
metaphase, prophase e-learning , anaphase, chromatin
8. chromatids pulled away toward opposite sides of cell
anaphase, prophase, telomere, cytokinesis
9. stage 4, complete set of chromatids at each pole, nulei reforming
telophase, prophase, chromatin, metaphase
10. cell not actively dividing
interphase, Gap 2, metaphase, telophase
11. cell carrying out normal functions
Gap 1, mitosis, Synthesis, telophase
12. DNA copied
Synthesis, histone, chromatin, centromere
13. online After S, additional cell growth
Gap 2, metaphase, Gap 1, histone
14. division of cytoplasm,
cytokinesis, mitosis, chromosome, metaphase
15. division of nucleus
mitosis, chromosome, prophase, chromatin