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Bone Matching Game

breastbone, shoulder blade, lacunae ESL , canaliculi, osteoblast, hips, spinal column, spongy bone, haversian canal, support and protect, carpus, tarsus, osteocytes, long, short, flat, irregular help students assimilate material , compact bone, tibia, fibula, femur, osteons, kneecaps, osteoclasts save time ,

short bones, functions of skeletal system, small cavities containing osteocytes, long bone, irregular bones, sesamoid bones, osteocytes extend through narrow channels, large cells reabsorb bone matrix, central canal of osteons, 80%25 of bone mass, calcified osteoblasts, bone forming cells, 20%25 of bone mass, structural unit of cortical bone, flat bones, classification of bones,