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Associate the adjective with the corresponding concept.

Bossy, Ambitious, Artistic, Gregarious, Charismatic, Dependable, Affectionate , Anxious, Devious prepare quiz , Dim, Impulsive, Cogerageous, Joyful, Egotistical, Agressive , Boring,

someone who is not very intelligent create online quizzes , someone who cheats other people, to get what they want, someone who worries a lot , someone who is very reliable, someone who acts as if they are more important than others, vey sociable, someone who acts before thinking, a person is keen to gey on in life, very hppy , someone who is very brave, someone who tries to control other people, someone who is not very interesting, somebody who attracts other people, someone who is good at creative things. english , someone who is physically or verbaly threatening towars other, someone who is very loving,