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Matching Reading Accommodation Strategies EDPY 401

Quickly as you can match the example to the kind of reading accomodation you think it fits with.

Decoding Accomodation, Reading Comprehension Accomodation, Both, group_name4,

Fill in the blank or matching questions, Visuals for content specific vocabulary, Pair LD student with advanced reading buddy, Model breaking down words into parts, Divide sentences into phrases, Provide materials that play off students interests, Address emotional/real-life aspects of reading, Seating that reflects individual work time, Extra time to complete written exams, print quizzes Reading the text and/or reading the questions aloud, Text-to-speech, Audio recordings, dictionary, Back-ground knowledge that provides scaffolds , class web page Practicing over an extended period of time, Provide a space with minimal distractions, Provide readily available diagrams , Provide special lighting or acoustics.,