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wh words

1. 5. _________ do you take English class? Because I want to improve my speaking.
when, how, why, where,
2. 10. _________ is the bank? It is on 4th Avenue.
what, who, where, when,
3. 6. _________ does your father work? He works at the post office.
when, where, why, which,
4. 2. _________ do you wake up? I wake up at 7:30 am.
how, when mix questions , why, where,
5. 9. _________ are you sad? Because my dog is sick.
how, why, when distance learning , which,
6. 8. _________ is the party? It is on Saturday night.
why, where, when, who,
7. 1. _________ do you live? I live in Toronto.
who, how, when, why,
8. 4. _________ is this? That%27s my electronic dictionary.
when, how, where, why,