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Inequalites Word Meaning

Place the words in the correct categories

%3c, %3e, %3c or =, %3e or =,

is above, is greater than or equal to , is less than or equal to , is less than, at least, no fewer than, points to the right does NOT include the number, points to the left doest NOT include the number, at most , online quizzes is smaller than, is less than or equal to q, is not fewer than, no more than, minimum, maximum, points to the left includes the number, points to the right includes the number , cannot be less than, is greater than, stimulate your students is fewer than, matching excercise does not exceed, is below, cannot be more than, quiz generator is more than, no less than, solid line/shade below, solid line/shade above, dotted line/shade below, dotted line/shade above, cannot exceed, exceeds, teacher is less than and includes the number,