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1. I _ brown eyes.
is, have, are, has
2. I _ eleven years old.
am online quizzes , have, is, has
3. improve results I_ a brother.
am, is, have, has
4. He _ tall.
am, isstimulate your students , have, has
5. He _ courage.
am, is, have, has
6. My mother _ black hair.
am, is, have, has
7. She _ beautiful.
am, is, aren%27t, has
8. My best friend isn%27t well. She _ a cold.
is, isn%27t, have, has
9. She always _ lunch with her family.
have, is, has, are
10. My father _ a bath every day.
has, have elearning , is, isn%27t
11. He _ an old car.
is, have, has, are
12. My cousins _ sick.
are, isn%27t, has, have
13. My aunt _ three children.
is, isn%27t, has, have
14. I _ a happy boy.
have, has, is, am