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So, Neither

Drag and drop a domino tile into the place designed for it. Then drag and drop the one that matches with the first part of the sentence.

My mom can play the guitar., My best friend likes to play soccer. prepare quiz , My father was sleeping all night long., I will go to school tomorrow., I don%27t like smoking., I won%27t play videogames next week., I wasn%27t talking on the phone., I%27m not a doctor., I ate carrots last week., My grandparents live in Cancun., My parents don%27t like me to get bad grades at school., I like sushi., I am a student., I didn%27t go to a party last weekend., My dog can%27t ride a horse., My sister doesn%27t do her homework.,

Neither will I., So will I., Neither was I., So did I., So can I., Neither did I., So do my cousins., So does my father., Neither does my uncle., So am I., Neither do I., Neither can I., Neither am I., So do I., Neither does my brother., So was I.,