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Non-Fiction Vocabulary

autobiography create online activities , graphics elearning , text structure, main idea, cause and effect, tone, informational text, compare/ contrast, chronological order, propaganda, illustrations, details, deck, biography, bias, problem and solution,

support the main idea, lists what happened then the outcome of what happened, writing that conveys facts and information without personal opinion, events in order in which they happen in time, a strong opinion for one side over another, the attitude of the author toward the subject, photographs, the story of a person%27s life that they write themselves, charts, graphs, etc. tool for teachers , the focus of a piece of writing or of a paragraph in writing crossword maker , Lists an issue and a solvent, the organization of a writing piece, the story of someone%27s life written by another person, writing and speeches that attempt to influence others%27 opinions, a statement under the main title of an article online education , examines something that is the same and/or different,