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Simple, perfect and progressive practice quiz

1. Shows an action happening now. %22I click on my mouse%22
Past, Present, Future, Progressive,
2. Shows an action that will take place in the future. %22I will do my homework tonight%22
Past , Past Perfect, Present Perfect, Future,
3. Describes an action that was completed before a different action. %22I had eaten breakfast before you gave me your fruit%22
Past , Present learning , Past Perfect, Perfect,
4. Shows an action that took place before now. %22I walked through the door%22
Past, Present, Past Perfect, Present Perfect,
5. An action happening now and continuing into the future. %22I will be working on this all week long%22
Present, Present Perfect, Future, Future Perfect,
6. An action that will be completed before a another action: %22I will have finished this before the day is over%22
Past Perfect, Past Progressive, Present, Present Progressive,
7. An action that is continuing now. %22I am trying my best%22
Present, Present Perfect, Past Progressive, Present Progressive,
8. An action that started in the past and has been finished, or an action that is ongoing: %22I have worked on this assignment for a week%22
Present Perfect, Past Progressive, Future Perfect, Future Progressive,