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measure, meter, key signature, timbre, time signature, form help students assimilate material , double bar, dynamics, harmony, articulation, tempo, accompaniment, staff, clef sign quiz builder , melody class page , rhythm,

the main musical line of a piece: notes arranged in a logical, meaningful order test , tells us where certain pitches are on the 5-line music staff, musical speed, several pitches sounding at once that form chords, which support the melody, tone quality (the voices and instruments heard), five lines and four spaces upon which music is written, the organization of the music (repetitions, variations, contrasts), a top and bottom number at the beginning of each song to organize rhythm, the pattern of strong and weak beats class website , how the notes are played (connected, separated, accented) crossword maker , sharps or flats to be played throughout a song, the distance from one bar line to the next, the arrangement of notes and rests over time, musical volume from soft to loud, generally: %22background to the melody%22, tells us that a song has ended,