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Europe Week 1

Developingstimulate your students , Black Plague printable , Middle Ages school , Unlimited Government, European Union (EU), Underdeveloped, Transportation Corridor, Interdependence, Limited Government, Euro, Currency, English Channel, Holocaust printable , Transportation Barrier, Developed computer assisted language learning , Sovereignty,

Economic level where all needs and wants are met, Reciprocal relation between two entities (two or more groups need each other), Epidemic form of Bubonic Plage the killed nearly half of Western Europe, Physical features that make it difficult to travel or transport goods, Area of water that separates the UK from the rest of Europe, A form of money, Economic level where most needs but few wants are met, German program under Hitler that murdered over 6 millions Jews and millions of others, Common currency of Europe, Period in Europe characterized by poverty, dark times, and feudalism matching excercise , Government that has total power to do whatever it wants, A contro%27ls control over it%27s own affairs; power, Government that must follow rules set by a constitution or other guidelines, Economic level with few needs met, subsistence farming, and much poverty print quizzes , land or water route to move people and goods easily, Economic organization with 27 European member countries,