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Danielson Cluster Sort

1. Clarity of Instructional Purpose %26 Ac, 4. Student Intellectual Engagement, 5. Successful Learning by All Students, group_name4,

1a, 1b, 1c, 1d: Knowledge of content clarity %26 appropriate, 3c: Intellectual challenge, 1b: Knowledge of students, 1d: Resources for students, 1e: Planned activities aligned to inst. purpose, 1f: Design of summative and formative assessments, 3d: Monitoring of student learning, feedback, self-ass., 3e: Persistence, lesson adjustment, 3a: Expectations for learning, acc. of content, 4a: All, 4b: All, 4c: All, 3b, 3c: Questions, activities %26 assignments aligned, 1e: Design of instruction, 2b: Importance of the content, 3a: Explanations of content: their rigor %26 invit. for thinking, distance learning 3b: Quality of questions / discussions, discourse,