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the father of computers

1. What school subject is Alan good at?
At PE and loves drawing pictures and doing puzzles. english , At maths and he doesn%27t like doing puzzles., At maths and loves doing puzzles and secret codes., At science and loves doing puzzles and secret codes.
2. How long does Alan doing puzzles and secret codes?
He spends days and weeks., He spends hours., He spends less than an hour per week., He spends ten minutes per day.
3. Alan studies English at Oxford University.
No, he studies English at Oxford University., No, he studies English at Cambridge University., No, he studies maths at Cambridge University., No he studies maths at Oxford university.
4. online education This story is about a...
famous American man., famous Englishman., famous Australian man., famous Spanish man.
5. Alan develops...
a way of calculating numbers called the Turing machine., a secret code called Enigma., a way of calculating the flight path of some ants., A way of calculating numbers called the Alan machine.
6. Alan teachers aren%27t happy because they think...
he needs to spend more time doing puzzles and secret code., He is very good at science and maths., he needs to spend more time doing P.E., He needs to work hard in all subjects.
7. Alan is a cooperative person because...
it is difficult for Alan to work in group., he likes team work., he likes working alone., He is patient.
8. Alan Touring is born in...
Cambridge., Manchester., Oxford., London.
9. computer assisted language learning Alan Turing work is important for...
Electronic gadges we use today., Electronic gadges like tables and chairs., cracking the Enigma Code., his studies on African bees.