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Sexual and asexual reproduction; plant and animal cell test (Tha

1. Which statement describes asexual and sexual reproduction?
If the cell has a cell wall, it is from a plant., If the cell has cytoplasm, it must be from a plant., If the cell has a nucleus, it must be from an animal., If the cell has a cell membrane, it must be from an animal.,
2. Eduardo found an object in a nearby lake. Which of these must Eduardo find in the object for it to be identified as a living organism?
plant cell, animal cell, a male organism, a female organism,
3. Which structure is the direct result of sexual reproduction?
nucleus, cell wall , cytoplasm, cell membrane,
4. Which of these is an example of sexual reproduction?
cell membrane, chloroplast, nucleus, vacuole,
5. In which group would a fern plant be classified?
cat%27s red blood cell, dandelion%27s leaf cell, zebra%27 s bone cell, human%27s blood cell,
6. What part of the plant cell is not found in the animal cell?
It releases energy to the cell, It controls the activities of the cell., It stores food, water, and wastes of the cell. teacher , It controls the materials that go into and out of the cell.,
7. Which of the following may happen during asexual reproduction.
They are unicellular., They cause disease., They live underground. quiz generator , They are photosynthesis,
8. Which statement explains why the nucleus can be referred to as the brain of the plant and animal cells?
segmentation, budding, asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction,
9. How do the two organisms - hydra and starfish - reproduce?
jellyfish, komodo dragon elearning , swordtail fish, bacterium,
10. Which cell contains chloroplasts?
fertilization, germination, sexual reproduction, asexual reproduction,
11. Which of the following plants reproduces by spores?
Asexual is one part of sexual reproduction, Sexual reproduction happens before asexual, Asexual need 1 parent, and sexual needs 2 parents, Sexual happens only in animals ans asexual happens only in plants.,
12. Here are 2 examples of protist: a euglena and a paramecium What do these two organisms have in common?
cone, flower, seed , spore,
13. Read how each organism reproduces: a) jellyfish - a part of the parent breaks off and becomes a new jellyfish b) komodo dragon - a female produces eggs that develop into young without a male c) swordtail fish - a female lays eggs that were fertilized by a male d) bacterium - the single celled organism splits into 2 cells that are identical Which organism reproduces sexually
Fruit is made, Seeds are scattered, Spores are released, A flower is pollinated,
14. With a microscope, you see an object has chloroplast, a cell wall, and a nucleus. What is being observed?
Production of seeds in flowers, Vegetative propagation in leaves, fruiting in fungi, Budding in yeast,
15. Which best distinguishes between a plant cell and an animal cell?
sexual , cloning, asexual, external,
16. Which structure controls what enters both the plant cell and the animal cells?
spore producing plant with many leaves, plants that produce fruit on their leaves, plants that carry seeds on their leaves class website , flowering plants with many leaves,
17. Two new sea stars can be produced by dividing one sea star in half. Which type of reproduction is described here?
fern, corn, pine tree, dandelion,
18. How can a student decide if a cell is from a plant or animal?
blood, cell, heart build your own quiz , skin,