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tissues, Lysosome, eukaryotic cell, Location of ribosomes, Vacuole, Smooth E.R. , Rough E.R. , Ribosomes, cytoplasm, Endoplasmic Reticulum (E.R.) prepare quiz , cell wall, What organelles does a plant have that an animal cell does not?, chromatin, What is the shape of a plant cell?, chlorophyll, Golgi bodies/apparatus, example of a prokaryotic cell, example of a eukaryotic cell, organs, nucleolus educational games , nucleus tool for teachers , organ systems, cell membrane generate answer keys , What is the shape of an animal cell? crossword maker , mitochondria, What 3 parts do all cells have? results , chloroplast, Prokaryotic cell,

outermost rigid layer of the plant cell; gives shape and support to plant cell, core of the nucleus; makes ribosomes, organs working together for the same overall function/pupose, animal or plant cell, bacteria cell, E. R. that has ribosomes on it, square/box-shaped, fluid-filled sac that stores water, food, nutrients, and waste for the cell, organelle that processes materials and transports them around cell, Type of cell that does NOT have a membrane around the genetic material, outer layer of the cell; controls what enters/leaves cell in all cells, gel-like substance inside a cell; holds the organelles, green pigment that is inside chloroplast; makes plants green, organelle in the plant cell that uses sunlight energy to make its own food, type of cell that has a membrance around the genetic material, On the Rough E.R. and free-floating in the cytoplasm, powerhouse of the cell; generates power and energy for the cell, groups of specialized cells working together are called this matching excercise , Recycles old cell parts and materials for reuse in the cell, packages, sorts, organizes, transports materials for outside of cell, %22boss%22 of the cell; manages all activities of the cell/ contains DNA, genetic material within the nucleus; DNA, cytoplasm, cell membrane, and nucleus/genetic material, E.R. that does NOT have ribosomes on it, chloroplast, cell wall, large central vacuole, tissues working together form these, creates proteins, round/circular interactive ,