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red objective lens, purpose, hypothesis, stage clips, descriptive list, stage, fine adjustment/focus, formula for determing total magnification, control, arm and base, constants, blue objective lens, diaphragm, what happens when you move the microscope slide to the right tool for teachers , procedure, independent variable, dependent variable, objective lenses, what happens as magnification increases, conclusion, eye piece, cover slip, coarse adjustment/focus, what happens when you move the microscope slide left, evidence, yellow objective lens, what happens to an object when viewing it, 45 degree angle, what happens when you move microscope slide away from you,

magnify objects in the microscope; power of 4x,10x,40x, worth 10x results , what you change/control in a lab, black platform that microscope slides are placed on for viewing quiz , object moves closer to you, the object moves to the left, the object moves to the right, larger knob on the microscope that is used 1st to focus objects, final part of a lab; support/reject hypoth, summarize data, error analysis, charts, graphs, tables displaying what occured in a lab mix questions , things you keep the same in all the parts of the lab; makes it fair and equal results, %22if/then%22 statement about what you think the results will show mix questions , angle cover slip must be over slide when making slide, what you are looking to happen in a lab/results of the lab, device on the microscope that adjust amount of light seen through microspe, power of eye piece (10x) times the power of the objective, tiny clear piece that goes over the microscope slide when making slide, list of variables in a lab, what you keep the same to compare the results to in a lab, power of 40x, magnification of 400x, highest objective, power of 4x, magnificiation of 40x, lowest objective, metal clips that hold the microscope slide in place, field of view gets smaller (object is zoomed in but less of the total object is seen), the reason you are doing the lab, turned upside down, what parts you hold on to when you carry the microscope appropriately, written or drawn steps and materials of what is done in lab, smaller knob on the microscope that is used after coarse focus , power of 10x, magnification of 100x, middle objective,