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Key Words for Linear Word Problems in Two-Variables

Linear Equations written in slope-intercept form (y = mx b)...Drag the key words found in word problems into the appropriate categories...%22y%22, %22m%22, %22x%22, and %22b%22

y, m, x, b,

assess performance Range, Output, Dependent variable, Total , Total value, Total cost, Total amount, Revenue, Charge, Slope, rise/run, Rate of change, Speed, miles/hour, dollars/pound, dollars/month, dollars/hour, Domain, Input, interactive Independent variable, Time (weeks, months, days), Mass and Volume (lbs, kgs,liters, etc) , Distance (miles, feet, etc), Y-intercept, Starting point, Minimum fee, One-time fee, Registration fee, Installation fee, Flat fee, Intial fee, Gradient,