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Simple Present - exercises

1. We all # the exam.
dont%27t, doesn%27t, help students assimilate material ,
2. Monica flies back home.
Do, Does, ,
3. Esther # TV every day.
study, studys, studes, studies,
4. # Michael have more brohters?
watch, watchies ESL , watches,
5. Arturo and Pedro # (study) together.
play, plaies, plays,
6. # I worK hard?
don%27t like, don%27t likes, doesn%27t like, doesn%27t likes,
7. She doesn%27t goes to school.
speak, speaks, speakes, speakies,
8. My brother # want to be a doctor.
Do, Dos school , Does, Doies,
9. Laura # (not / want) to go to the movies.
live, lives, livees, livies,
10. # you happy?
study, studys, studies, studyes,
11. # you like coffee?
don%27t, doesnt%27, dont%27, doesn%27t,
12. Do the children # in the park?
13. Carmen # (live) in Cuitlahuac.
14. Does I work in Cuitlahuac?
15. My parents # in El Maguey.
Do, Does, Are, Is,
16. You # my bestfriend.
live, lives, livies,
17. I # (not / like) traveling.
don%27t, doesn%27t, aren%27t, isn%27t,
18. He # (not / drink) coffe.
Do, Does, Are, Is,
19. Tom # (speak) six languages.
pass, passes, passies, passs,
20. The students # a lot.
do, does, are, is,