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Making offers and requests, polite phrases and responses

Choose the correct replies. Sometimes more than one is possible.

1. Thanks, that%27s very kind of you.
Not at all., Please., You%27re welcome., -
2. I%27d love a cup of coffee.
I get you one., I%27ll get you one., I%27m afraid I only have tea., -
3. How are you doing?
Not too bad, thanks. And you?, Fine thanks. I%27ve nearly finished., I%27m painting the garage door., -
4. Oops! I%27m sorry!
That%27s OK., You%27re welcome., No problem., -
5. Is this your screwdriver?
Yes, it is., Yes, of course., Yes, do you want to borrow it?, -
6. Can I borrow your torch?
Yes, go ahead., Yes, help yourself., Yes, I can borrow it to you., -
7. I%27ll be getting along then.
Go ahead., It was nice meeting you., Thank you for coming., -
8. What do you do?
How do you do?, I%27m fine, thanks., I%27m in computers., I%27m replacing the disk drive.
9. Thanks for showing me around the plant.
Goodbye., It was a pleasure., It doesn%27t matter., -