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Passé - voix active ou passive ?

Pour chaque phrase, choisis la bonne conjugaison en fonction du contexte. Soit au passé à la voix active soit au passé à la voix passive.

1. Manhattan _____ in three parts.
divide, was divided online quizzes , divided, is divided
2. Dutch settlers ____ the island New Amsterdam.
called, was called, call, is called
3. Giovanni Da Verrazano _____ the bay of New York.
discovered , discover, was discovered , is discovered
4. Dutch settlers _____ the island for $24 from the Indians.
buy , was buy, bought, was bought
5. The Statue of Liberty _____ by a French sculptor.
design, designed results , is designed , was designed
6. New Amsterdam ________ New York in honour of the duke of York.
was renamed, is renamed, renamed, rename