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How to get good outcomes

Sort the phrases into either positive or negative outcomes.

Positive Outcomes, Negative Outcomes, group_name3, group_name4,

Let%27s get this out of the way., Just sit down and do it., online activities You have to do this., class web page Please finish it quickly so we can carry on with our work., The LN team told me we had to do this today., This needs to be done by break time., teacher If you don%27t do well you will have to have extra lessons., This activity will help us plan for your learning., This will give us a map of your skills., We use this activity to find out how to help you best., print quizzes If it gets hard it means you%27re doing well!, Take your time and try your best., activity There are no good or bad results in this activity., If you need any help, let me know.,