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Lesson 16 10th grade

You will need to use the context clues we have discussed.

expedient, facilitate, mosque, ensue, recur, zenith, requisite, conducive, astute, aptitude, lapse, quantitative, buffet, pastoral, delectable, erratic,

calm after a storm, next step of an experiment, change in government, leading practice, career high statistics, most albums sold, best grades ever, listening to teacher, obeying rules, tests, forms, exams, uniform test , time from beginning to end, space without any memory, person who invents a tool never seen before, desserts, pizza, salads, Homecoming meal at church; family get together, large area enabling kids to play kickball, easily learning a new method for welding, temple church synagogue, fields, scences from a valley online quizzes , results from a race or experiment, lightning, tests,dreams,alarm, behavior, speed,temperature,