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plant and animal cell/ sexual and asexual reproduction

1. Which structure is found in a plant cell but not in an animal cell?
budding, pollination online quizzes , propagation, sporulation,
2. Which of the following is the control center of the cell?
amoeba, euglena, hydra, paramecium,
3. Jerry is planting small pieces of white potatoes with bud in the ground? What is the method of reproduction called?
pollination, sporulation, vegetative budding class page , vegetative propagation,
4. Which of the following plants reproduce by spores?
cell membrane, cell wall, nucleus, vacuole,
5. Where does fertilization occur in a plant?
cell wall, chloroplast, nucleus, cytoplasm,
6. Which organism is a multicellular organsism?
fern, corn, pine tree, dandelion,
7. What is an example of sexual reproduction?
cell wall, vacuole, nucleus, chloroplast,
8. Which part of the cell gives the cell support and strength?
chloroplast, cytoplasm, cell wall, cell membrane,
9. Which is not an example of asexual reproduction?
a potato forms from a potato bud., a strawberry plant send out runners, a peanut forms from a seed, a mushroom forms from a spore,