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1. He%27s the # of the local tennis club.
effect, encourage, manage, influence,
2. After # independence in 1957, it wad renamed %27Ghana%27
available, manageable, proper, strict,
3. The girls come from a # of different backgrounds.
backgrounds, factors, reasons, choices,
4. The test measures children%27s # in reading, spelling and maths.
conscious, taker, recipt, member,
5. Only 12 people # the meeting.
featuring, rewarding results history , gaining, providing,
6. I%27d like to make an # to see the doctor.
obedience, variety, magnitude, screen ,
7. Mix in the remaining ingredients and serve #.
cycle, attend, bileteral, recycle,
8. Ann didn%27t # very sure.
options, likelihood school , achievements, readiness,
9. We can%27t # to go on holiday this year.
moving, forcing, waving, causing,
10. You are wrong and I can # it.
similar, obedientstimulate your students , weird, different,
11. Tickets are # from the box office.
accurately, efficiently, immediately, reasonably,
12. I want to thank everyone who has # and suppprted me.
record, afford, effort, recover,
13. Do you # to work?
wives, applicants, landladies, servants,
14. Several factors are likely to # this decision.
agenda, appointment, assortment, meeting,
15. There are no # in the clothes shops at the moment.
investigated, questioned create online quizzes , received, compared,
16. Our sons are very # from each other.
avoid, avert, admit, arrange,
17. The police # the suspect%27s fingerprints with those found at the crime scene.
prove, approve, improve, unprove,
18. Penny doesn%27t think her co-workers # her as an equal.
untended, distended, intended, attended,
19. Heavy traffic is # delays on the freeway.
discouraged, encouraged, incouraged, uncouraged,
20. The rise in crime is mainly due to social and economic #.
prices, labels, occassions, bargains,
21. You may not like her, but you have to # that she%27s good at her job.
taste, smell, seem, fake,
22. I had to # myself to get up this morning.
think, wonder, treat, encourage,