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2nd 9 wk plant and animal cell/reproduction (part 3)

Match the terms

cell, seed, reproduction, structure, cytoplasm, plants, nucleus, cell memebrane web 2.0 , distinguish, sexual reproduction results history , cell wall, mitochrondria, paramecium, chloroplast, asexual reproduction, vacuole,

what part of the plant or cell online learning games , produce a new organism elearning , control center of the cell, difference between, jelly-like substance that holds all organelles in place, makes food and starches for the plant; provides color , provides energy for the cell educational activities , 2 parents /2 plantsweb page, 1 parent/1 plant, rigid structure that holds cell together, multicellular organism, controls what goes in and out of the cell online learning games , direct result of sexual reproduction, all living things are made of these, storage place of the cell; stores water, unicellular organism,