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1. Братья моего папы - мои дяди. Перевод на английский: My brothers%27 dad is my uncle.
his cat, her cat, their,
2. ... my dad.
his books, our books, their books,
3. thirty-seven
This is, These are, These is,
4. Я хочу быть певицей.
This is, These are, This are online quizzes ,
5. Tom%27s cat
27, 37, 46,
6. brothers%27 books
14, 40, 400,
7. ... her kittens.
8. forty
My grandad is a driver., My grandad%27s a driver, My grandads%27 a driver.,
9. Singers, drivers, dentists, workers are nouns.
I%27m a singer., I want to be a singer., I want to sing.,