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Water -distribution and Water -cycle

Read each question carefully and choose the correct option. All quetions carry equal marks

1. What is the name that the earth is referred to as?
The moon, The sun, The stars, The ocean,
2. What percentage of the Earth`s water is available for human use?
acquifers, creeks, streams, rivers,
3. What percentage of the Earth`s fresh water is available for human use?
evaporation, transpiration, distillation, condensation,
4. Fresh water running underground are called
1%25, 3%25, 97%25, 25%25,
5. 76 %25 of the earth`s fresh water is available as
12.5%25, 25%25, 3%25, 95%25,
6. What are esturaries ?
evaporation, condensation, sublimation, precipitation,
7. The water cycle is driven by
acidity, alkalinity, salinity, turbidity,
8. What percentage of of Earth%27s fresh water is frozen in Glaciers and ice caps ?
Biological systems, Oceans, Atmosphere, Venus,
9. The largest water pool in nature is the
a place where river meets the ocean, a place where river meets the lakes, a place where water stops flowing, a place where the salt level is the highest,
10. Which of the following is a process by which water turns directly from solid to vapor?
76%25, 23%25, 96%25, 3%25,
11. The concentration of dissolved salts in a water body is known as
ice, underground water print quizzes , vapor, sea,
12. When water evporates from plants,it is called
The pink planet, The blue planet, The red planet crossword maker , The great lake,
13. The following are reservoir of water except
sublimation, evaporation, distillation, condensation,
14. Over half of the worlds fresh water is in ice caps or glaciers.
TRUE, FALSE, prepare quiz ,