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Phrasal Verbs with Run

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run into a problem elearning , run after, run up, run off with someone, run on, run over, run through, run off, run off something, run away, run for, run into someone, run into a brick wall, run out of, run with help students assimilate material , run around,

explain quickly; quickly practice or rehearse a play, song, performance, to leave quickly to escape from sth; to leave home because of problems, spend time with people (normally bad), be powered by, to chase or pursue, run to somebody or something; spend a lot of money on credit, try to be elected to a political or leadership position, to make electronic or print copies of something, to be very busy doing many things, to hit with a vehicle (car, train, truck); take more time than planned, when a married person abandons their partner and stays together with a new lover, have none left, to flee; to have diarrhea; to leave suddenly, encounter an obstacle that is difficult or impossible to overcome, meet someone unexpectedly , encounter a problem,