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Physical contact verbs

to cuddle, to elbow, to feel, to tap, to rub, to hug, to pat, to clap, to tickle, to poke, to squeeze, to massage, to nudge web tool , to slap, to pinch, to drag,

to push sb with the elbow, to squeeze tightly, to give a slap to sb, to touch sensitive part of sb´s skin lightly, to touch or light a knock, to move against the surface , to pull sb, to hold close to sb, to hug affectionately, to treat sb´s body by rubbing, to push st into, to prod, to give a light,gentle blow f touch, to press e.g. sb´s handstimulate your students , to hit gently, usually with the elbow, to strike the palms of the hands together , to find out the shape of st by touching it,