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Ancient Chinese Dynasties

Shang Dynasty, Zhou Dynasty, Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty,

Known for their bronze art work, educational activities First Chinese dynasty, One type of currency was used in the empire, quiz Based government on the ideas of legalism, Used oracle bones to predict the future, Built the first Chinese cities, Gave hard tests to determine worker%27s jobs, results history Is considered to be China%27s %22Golden Age%22, Developed the idea of the Mandate of Heaven, Created the earliest known Chinese writing (pictograms), Based government on the teachings of Confucius, Chinese traders started trading on the Silk Road, Kings used bureaucracy to help them rule, Longest lasting Chinese dynasty, multiple choice questions Had a harsh ruler, Built the original Great Wall of China, 1700 -- 1027 BCE, 1027-256 BCE, 241 -- 202 BCE, 202 BCE -- 220 AD,