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Ken Loach - life and films - activity 1

Go on this website: Read the biography of Ken Loach, an English film maker (go at the bottom of the page and click on the arrow) Then answer these questions.

1. His first film, Poor Cow is about ...
the British social services , the French social services , the English social services ,
2. The Wind that Shakes the Barley won the best medal in the Cannes Festival
a rich girl who lives in London , a poor girl who lives in London , a middle-class girl who lives in London ,
3. in Days of Hope, Ken Loach makes a film for TV which is about ...
Kes, Black Jack , Sweet sixteen ,
4. The Wind that Shakes the Barley is about The Irish Republican army fighting against the invasion of British people in the 1930%27s.
colliers, dockers , steel workers multiple choice questions ,
5. I, Daniel Blake is his # film.
Riff Raff , Hidden Agenda , Raining Stones ,
6. Does Ken Loach like football?
FALSE, educational activities ,
7. Ken Loach has made a film about the Spanish war.
Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham ,
8. Sweet Sixteen is shot in...
9. To finish, we can say Ken Loach likes talking about # people in his films.
10. When was Ken Loach born?
Yes, he, does, , ,
11. What is the first famous film of Ken Loach?
last, , ,
12. In the 1960%27s, Ken Loach criticises....
rich, poor matching excercise , middle-class, famous ,