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Every Day Idioms C1

Match the correct meaning to the phrase (Idiom) to complete the domino chain

The coast is clear , Don’t get mad, get even , Kick something into touch tool for teachers , All well and good , Get your feet on the ground , A rose by any other name would smell as sweet , Get in over your head , Strut your stuff , Wake up and smell the coffee , At the end of the day short answer questions , The nature of the beast , Every cloud has a silver lining , Suck it and see print quizzes , Get your wires crossed , Tilting at windmills prepare quiz , Under the wing of someone ,

Do something you should not do because you will be found out, Someone is taking responsibility for you multiple choice questions , Don’t get cross but take an action to even the harm done, Be realistic about a challenge you are dealing with, You are mistaken about a situation web tool , You reject something or postpone it, A concern or risk or threat in a situation with benfits to you, Achieve something by doing it and not thinking of doing, Essential part of the character of a person or thing, Wasting your time at a thing which is not a problem, A good or positive benefit in something bad or negative, What matters is what something is, not what it is called., In conclusion or finally a decision is made , Involved in a situation which is too hard for you to deal with , To impress others, you do things you are good at quiz builder , Establish a firm foundation in a new situation,