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Parts of houses

1. Something in the house that makes life easier for its user is electricity.
TRUE, FALSE, online activities ,
2. A place in the bathroom where you put your dirty clothes is ...
spacious, period, convinient educational games ,
3. To lack is not to have enough of something.
4. The surface of a room which you can see when you look above you is an attic.
the system of making the house warm in cold weather, the system of making the house cool in hot weather, the system of wires that carry electricity,
5. You wash your clothes in a dishwasher.
6. Basement is a part of a building consisting of rooms that are partly or completely below the level of the ground.
a sink, a laundry basket, a bath,
7. The water that is provided for a particular area
8. A dining room is a place in the house where you ...
cook dinner, have a meal learning , wash the dishes,
9. Having a lot of space