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Sympathetic Memorization Sheet

T1-4, T5-9, T10-11, T12-L2,

Sympathetics of head and neck, T1-6 to heart and lung , Upper abdominal viscera, Celiac plexus, Liver, Gallbladder, Duodenum, Head of pancreas, quiz generator Stomach, online learning games Spleen, Tail of pancreas, Superior mesenteric plexus, Remainder of small intestine, Left and right kidneys, Upper part of ureters (right and left), Gonads (ovaries and testes), printable Appendix, Cecum, Ascending to mid-transverse colon, Colon from mid-transverse to rectum, Pelvic organs, Bladder, Uterus, Prostate, Inferior mesenteric plexus,