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7 Ratio Analysis (Razones Financieras) Definiciones (copy)

Relaciona cada razón financiera con su definición. No hay límite de tiempo. ¡Suerte!

Equity Ratio generate answer keys , Debt Ratio, Cash cycle, Inventory Turnover, Days Accounts Uncollectible, Gross Margin, Days sales inventory, Times Interest Earned, Acid Test Ratio / Quick Ratio, Days Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable Turnover, Working Capital, Total Asset Turnover, Current Ratio assess performance , Accounts Payable Turnover school , Debt-to-Equity Ratio, Profit Margin,

Total liabilities as a percent of total assets, Ability to earn gross profit for each dollar of sales., Portion of assets that are being contributed by creditors distant learning , Total equity as a percent of total assets english , Like the current ratio, excludes current assets as inventory, Ability to earn net profit from each sales dollar, How many times receivables are converted to cash create online quizzes , Current assets financed from long-term capital sources, How long it takes to sell the inventory, How frequently a company collects its receivables, Measures the short-term debt-paying ability of the company, Number of times merchandise is sold and replaced, Ability of the operations to provide for borrowings, How long the company%27s activities turn into cash, How long the business takes to pay its credit suppliers, How quickly a company pays off its suppliers, Company’s ability to use its assets to generate sales,