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Chapman%27s Points %26 Cardiac/Chest Landmarks

Stomach acidity posterior point, Esophagus, thryoid, heart anterior point, Left lower sternal border, Small intestine posterior point, Uterus posterior point, 3rd left sternochondral junction, Colon anterior point, 2nd interspace improve results , Bladder anterior point, Ovaries anterior point, Pyloris anterior point, Gallbladder posterior point, Bladder posterior point, Esophagus, thyroid, heart posterior point, Colon posterior point, Gallbladder anterior point, Stomach acidity anterior point online quizzes , 5th left interpsace medial to the midclavicular line, Uterus anterior point, Liver posterior point, Ovaries posterior point, Liver anterior point, Small intestine anterior point, Pyloris posterior point teacher ,

Right: aortic valve Left: pulmonary valve, L5 transverse processes, Right medial 5th and 6th intercostal spaces computer assisted language learning , Periumbilical results , Inferior pubic rami computer assisted language learning , Mitral valve, Medial 8th-10th intercostal spaces, Tricuspid valve, T9 transverse processes, Pubic tubercles crossword maker , Right T5 and T6 transverse processes print quizzes , Right T6 transverse processe, Overlying cardiac vessels, Left T5 transverse process, T10 transverse processes, Right medial 6th intercostal space, Left medial 5th intercostal space, Medial 2nd intercostal spaces, L2-L4 transverse processes, Anterior iliotibial bands, Midline body of sternum, L2 transverse processes, T8-T10 transverse processes, T2 transverse processes,