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Ancient China Terms/People

Match all of the following terms/people to their correct description.

Loess educational games , Terracotta warriors, Yin/Yang, Laotze, Dao de Jing, Silk Road, Dynasty, Civil Service, Qin Shi Huang di, Filial Piety, Kongzi, Pax Sinica, Oracle Bones, Mandate of Heaven, Feudalism, Dynastic Cycle,

China%27s concept of Divine Right, System of succession: line of rulers comes from 1 family, Wrtings of Daoism, Choosing Government workers based on merit rather than rank, 1st emperor of China, %22Old Master%22: founder of Daoism online , Trade Routes stretching from China to Roman Empire, History of dynasties in China: Explained by Mandate of Heaven, Chinese symbol representing balance, Respect for elders; parents, Government Minister who becomes Confucius, Used by Chinese priests to predict the future, %22Chinese Peace%22, Form of government based on exchanges of land and loyalty, Built by Qin Shi Huang di to protect him in the afterlife, River sediment rich in nutrients interactive ,