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Ancient India Terms/People

Match all of the following terms/people to their correct description.

Ganges, Aryans, Henotheism, Dharma, Asoka, Karma, Upanishads, Caste System create online tests , Khyber, Monsoons, Sanskrit, Mahabharata, Siddhartha Gautama, Himalayas, Dravidians, Vedas, Ramayana, Nepal, Buddha, Pakistan,

founder of Buddhism, Indo-European migrators who impacted Indian Culture, Mauryan ruler who spread Buddhism, Country where Indus River lies today, Hindu book: discussion between teacher/student, Rigid social class system of India online quizzes , Native Indian people, Indian Epic: Love Story, Modern country where Buddhism began interactive , Indian epic; War between Aryan cousins, Hindu Holy Books brought by Aryans, Name of Pass through the Hindu Kush Mountains, Duties a Hindu must follow, Choosing which god to follow, Mountain range separating India from China, Enlightened One, Life Force which determines your next life, Seasonal Winds bringing rainy/dry conditions to India, River sacred to Hindus, Aryan language spread to India,