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Persian Terms/People

Match all of the following terms/people to their correct description.

Zoroaster, Ahura Mazda educational activities , Cyrus, Darius, Tolerance, Free Will, Xerxes, Cambyses, Imperial Bureaucracy, Iran, Royal Road online quizzes , Ahriman, Ten Thousand Immortals, Standard Coin, Satrapy, Persepolis,

Controlled forces of Evil, Army which brought Darius to power, Persian king who failed to conquer the Greek city-states, major country which traces roots to Persia, Persian king who built Royal Road, Persian Prophet, Road system which connected major parts of Persian Empire, Everyone using the same type of money, Capital of Persian Empire, Persian king Conquered Egypt, Choosing one%27s own fate, Persian Province, accepting another%27s culture online learning games , god of good, Dividing the workload of government among several departments, Persian king known for his tolerance,