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cable calcs

step 3 web 2.0 , step 1, Tabulated current, It prepare quiz , single phase formula, P x 1.8÷V, step 2 tool for teachers , symbol for design current, formula for It, Cg, P ÷ root 3 x VL x PF, formula for volt drop, symbol for protective device, Ca help students assimilate material , Ci create online quizzes , current carrying capacity,

thermal insulation, symbol for tabulated current build your own quiz , vd = mv/A/m x L x Ib ÷ 1000, 3 phase Ib formula, I =P ÷ V quiz builder , cable grouping, step 4, In ÷ Cf, Ib, reference method, In, ambient temperature, step 5, design current, size of protective device, formula if discharge lights,