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Comparing British Advantages to Patriot Advantages.

British Situation, Patriot Situation, group_name3, group_name4,

Fighting On Home Turf, Had General Washington and Benedict Arnold , Fighting for what they believed in., Had largest Navy in the world., Hard to supply forces over long distances., Had little amunition, supplies,, english Had large population of 8 million people., Citizen Army Not well trained., Professional Soldiers were well trained., Had money to hire mercenaries., Had to borrow money to pay for the war., Poor citizen support b/c of many recent wars., Used Brown Bess Musket of same caliber., dynamic quiz Used many different calibers of muskets and rifles., Had vast resources of weapons and supplies, elearning Led by Monarch and Parliament, Led by ineffective Congress, Had General Cornwallis and General Howe, Called Rebels of Continental Army, Called Redcoats of Lobster Backs, Supported by 60%25 of Colonists, Supported by as much as 30%25 of Colonists, Could Coin Money, Could only print worthless paper money., Used tried and test European Military Tactics, Used Guerilla Warfare Hit and Run Tactics,